Summoning the Rain: Threads of Light

There was a time when San medicine men would intervene and with the help of the entire village, call on the Rain animals. Harnessing them and bringing rain to drought-stricken areas. The village worked towards a common goal through the spirit world.

Artist’s Statement

I’ve been exploring the possibilities of calling upon our subconscious to relieve both the physical and emotional drought that has been brought upon us through global consumerism, ecological disaster and the alienation of the individual from a collective community and consciousness.

Delving into an examination of ancient collective shamanism and prehistoric rock-painting, in particular that of the San of southern Africa, I want to explore the questions of communication and collectivism that have separated today’s human beings from their ‘magic’.

I hope to learn how we define and manage the opposing experiences of drought and flood, fertility and infertility, wealth and poverty – and gain a new perspective on the modern dichotomy of the search for the self and our tribe or people, and how we can rediscover the potency of our symbols and marks.